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Online Resources:
1. Eating Disorders Toolkit: Putting Eating Disorders on the Radar of Primary Care Providers 

1. National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) –
National, non-profit organization based at the Toronto Hospital which provides information about eating disorders as well as resources for patients and families.

2. – A support tool for parents/caregivers and health care providers who provide care for youth suspected of having an eating disorder. The website provides an online educational tool and modules containing educational videos, as well as a recommended list of books, workbooks and websites. For more information:

3. Maudsley Parents – A site for parents of eating disordered children. The Maudsley Approach is a family-based treatment of adolescent anorexia nervosa where parents are empowered to play an active and positive role in order to help their child. The Maudsley approach considers the parents as a resource and essential in successful treatment for AN. For more information: The website also contains a specific section for clinicians and for pediatricians.

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