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HEADS-ED Mental Health Screening Tool for Children and Young People

The HEADS-ED is a validated, easy-to-use screening tool that primary care providers can use during a patient visit to identify a child/youth’s mental health needs, along with local services, supports and relevant patient education materials.

Seven variables are incorporated into the use of the HEADS-ED tool:

Activities and peers
Drugs and alcohol
Emotions, behaviours, thought disturbance
Discharge resources
These psychosocial items are used to classify patients into:

(0) No action needed
(1) Needs action but not immediate
(2) Needs immediate action

* The HEADS-ED is a screening tool and is not intended to replace clinical judgment. Please read the terms and conditions of use.

Target Population/Age Group: Children and Adolescents.

Time to Administer: ~ 5 minutes.

Completed by: Physicians

Cost: Free  

Scoring: Scoring is done automatically when completed online.

Access the HEADS-ED   About the HEADS-ED   Download a PDF version of the HEADS-ED   

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