The Hub Specialists

The Hub Specialists are from several domains in the system of child and youth mental health care. Other types of expertise will be added as needed for a particular case or if our spokes identify a gap in what support they need from us.

Psychiatrist/Medical Director: Dr. Kathleen Pajer, MD, MPH

Dr. Pajer is from the U.S. and has been a researcher and psychiatrist for over 30 years, spending much of that time working in child psychiatry. She is passionate about finding better ways to deliver care to children, youth, and families, and finding effective treatments for girls with severe behaviour problems. Dr. Pajer spends her time outside of work writing, reading, and travelling around the U.S. visiting her five children (an activity she shares with Co-Director Dr. Gardner – her husband).

Psychiatrist: Dr. Michael Cheng, MD, FRCPC

Michael is a child psychiatrist who is passionate about the importance of healthy attachments to people and activities that give purpose, hope and meaning. He is the co-founder of, a website that seeks to support primary care providers in their work with patients with mental health needs. He is a mentor with the Collaborative Mental Health Network (CMHN) of the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP). Michael is married to a family physician, with whom they share two wonderful young children. During his spare time, Michael’s interests are sleep. 

Psychiatrist: Dr. Hazen Gandy, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Gandy is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with 25 years experience working in numerous clinical settings at the CHEO. He is the Medical Director of the Eastern Hubsite of the Ontario Tele-Mental Health Service and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University Of Ottawa. His clinical work includes family based therapy in eating disorders, providing consultations to the provincial Base eConsult Service and the Tele-Mental Health Service as well as psychiatric care to an innovative community-based program called Bridges. A skier in winter and golfer in summer he is very pleased to participate as a clinician expert in Project ECHO. 

Psychologist: Dr. Simone Kortstee, C. Psych, PhD

Dr. Simone Kortstee is a child psychologist with special interests and experience in brain-behaviour relationships and who thrives to empower children, youth and their families in the process of overcoming mental health and neuropsychological challenges. She has worked as a psychologist in various pediatric health care settings. Currently, she leads the professional practice in psychology at CHEO. Simone loves being with her family and friends, and she enjoys painting, music, sewing, and gardening.

System Navigator: Ghyslaine Paquette, CYC (Cert.)

Ghyslaine is a Child & Youth Counsellor for the past 20 years with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Her career exploits include in-patient mental health, the Eating Disorders Day Treatment Program, Outreach, Mental Health Intake, Tele-Mental Health Service and ECHO Ontario CYMH. Ghyslaine is passionate about assisting families and community mental health providers’ access services and education in their local communities across the province of Ontario. She is an avid traveller, a fun spirit and a football mom.

The Operational Team

You’ll get to know the operational team throughout your experience with ECHO Ontario CYMH. These individuals work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly, but you may see them during an ECHO Session and communicate with them from time to time.

Co-Director: Dr. William Gardner, PhD

William Gardner is co-director of ECHO Ontario Child and Youth Mental Health along with Dr. Kathleen Pajer. Dr. Gardner is a child psychologist, statistician, and mental health services researcher. He studies children’s mental health interventions, statistical methods, psychiatric measurement, and health system change. He is a professor of epidemiology and the CHEO RI and the University of Ottawa Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research at the University of Ottawa. He is a senior research scientist at the CHEO Research Institute (CHEO RI, Ottawa, ON), where he directs the Centre for Pediatric Mental Health Services and Policy Research. 

Manager: Sarah Bissex, RN, BA, MSc.

Sarah is a Registered Pediatric Nurse and Masters of Global Health graduate with experience supporting capacity-building projects which focus on collaborative and sustainable pediatric health workforce training and education. Sarah is passionate about community partnerships and networks that focus on the translation of knowledge to impact child and youth health standards, policy, and care. Sarah is a coffee enthusiast, former primary school chess team captain, and novice wood whittler in her spare time.

Administrative Assistant: Roxanne MacKay

Roxanne MacKay brings with her 15 years of experience in the private and government sectors. Not only is she skilled at supporting and organizing her team members, she is adept at organizing large scale local and national level events. Constantly learning, Roxanne endeavours to expand her skill set through courses and networking. When not busy multitasking at work, she volunteers her time as a Scout Leader with “Scouts du Canada”, winding down with a good read and creating fabric art through cross-stitching.

Training and Development Specialist: Tracey MacLaurin, B.A.

Tracey has 17 years of experience in Child and Youth Mental Health at various levels and coordinating trainings and events of all sizes. She is joining ECHO Ontario CYMH with a community mental health perspective and is passionate about engagement, collaboration, and continuous quality improvement. Outside of work, you can find Tracey spending time with her friends and family (specifically her nieces and nephews) or on a softball field. When not playing softball, she keeps active with walking, cycling, and snowshoeing.

Research Assistant: Carley Ouellette, RN, MSc

Carley is a registered nurse practicing clinically in the Emergency Department, Hamilton Health Sciences, and currently completing her PhD in Nursing at McMaster University with a focus on the use and integration of virtual health technologies and digital health solutions that advance health systems through improved accuracy, sensitivity, and accessibility. In her free time, Carley would be found outdoors – camping, kayaking, or hiking—with her dog, Molly!

Communications Coordinator: Jill Jaworski, MPH, MSc, BSc

Jill is a graduate of the University of Guelph’s Master of Public Health program and previously completed a Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Jill is passionate about e-health, health system optimization and systems improvement, and health education, particularly within mental health contexts. Jill volunteers within her community for several mental health initiatives, and in her off-hours, she enjoys photography, cooking and is an avid runner.